A short cruise to Bali, via Semarang


Seapass card

We checked in at 11am at Singapore Cruise Centre. We’re issued with a seapass card. This card would be the room key as well as charge card on board. Our room 3080, were at deck-3. The ship, Lengend of the Seas, departed at 5pm, 26-Feb-2011. It was raining while we’re leaving the port, so couldn’t enjoy the view. This was our second time on board of this cruise ship.

Night fall, we had our buffet dinner at “Windjammer Cafe”. Lot of varieties of dishes to chose from. After dinner we headed for a show. Every night, there’re show performed at Entertainment Theater. Thereafter, we headed for Movie at “Archors Aweigh Lounge”. Each day, there were various different type of activities. Another thing to mention is the hygiene. Each time you step into cafe or restaurant for meals, you got to sterilise your both hands. So hygiene level is high.


Cruising on Java Sea

Crusing on the sea. After breakfast, we booked an 10hr tour for tomorrow land tour when we arrived at Semarang Port. Semarang is a city at northern coast of central Java. It’s also a shipping port for central Java.

During the day (i.e while cruising on the sea), most of our activities were; attending seminar, playing Bingo game, reading book at Library, playing mini golf, going to the gym, jogging around on deck-10 or swimming at poolside.

Three meals were usually at Windjammer Cafe. Two dinners at “Romeo & Juliet Restaurant”. There were two formal dinners during the cruise, but we did not attend as we did not bring our formal dress.


Semarang Port

Arrived Semarang at 7am. After breakfast, we setoff for the Semarang Hightlights tour. The itineraries was; Rongowarsito Provincial Museum; Sam Po Kong temple built to honor Zheng He, the famous chinese admiral; Lawang Sewu, dating from Java’s Dutch period; Kota Lama, the old city of Semarang, Greja Blenduk Church, dating back to 1753 and Jamu Nyonya Meneer, Javanese Herbal medicine factory.

Sam Po Kong Temple

Greja Blenduk Church

Kid learning Wayang Kulit

We headed back to the ship by 1pm for lunch break.

The ship set sail at 5pm to Bali. Evening time I played “BlackJack” game at Casino

Royale. Min. bet was 6usd. Luck was not on my side, I lost 90usd.


Balinese dancers

Cruising on Sea. Arrived Bali at 6pm. The cruise ship anchored at Benoa Bay. There is no port deep enough for the cruise ship. By 7pm, guests are allow to be ferried to Bali. For every half an hour, ferry services were provided. We had no intention to go to on land as we would tour Bali next day. So we stayed on board.


Woke up early to have breakfast as we planned to go for land tour. We set-off at 9am. The ferry ride tooks about 20min. When we arrived the jetty, there were Baliness dancers to greet us. We’re picked up by our tour driver at the port’s gate.

Padi field - Bali

Taman Ayun Temple Tower

Ulundanu Temple - Bali

Praying in procession - Bali

Tanah Lot Temple - Bali

Tanah Lot Temple - Bali

The land tour was booked from Internet. As I knew, the tour package booked thru the cruise will be expensive. The land tour package cost me about S$58 for two persons for 5 places that you want to visit.

The last venue that we visited is Tanah Lot Temple. We were caught in somekind of procession when we were heading back to our ship. By the time we reached the port was abt 8pm. Still need abt 20min to ride the ferry to our cruise ship to have our late dinner.

Day 6 & 7

These two days were cruising on ship. During the journey back to Singapore. There was a tradition ceremony of “crossing the equator” for sailors, where all the captain and his senior crew were “appeared” before the Neptune king and his court.

Captain of the ship

Crew begging for mercy from Neptune King

During the trip back, I managed to recover some losses from Black Jack table. Hence the total losses was 40usd.

Day 8

Arrived Singapore in the morning. We had our last breakfast before we departed the ship. In summary, this trip was an interesting experience for retirees or relaxing. The cruise anchored in Indonesia’s water, so only 2 currencies are needed; Rupiah and USD. Not like our previous cruise we had, got to bring 4 types of currencies. We also noticed quite no. of Australian on board and other asian nationalities as well. We think our time is well spent during the cruise. This round we’re prepared for seasick. There are some photos on board the ship….Enjoy!

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